Equine castration is a surgical procedure and as such involves inherent risk and potential complications.

    Although every possible care is taken to ensure a positive outcome, occasionally problems can arise during or after surgery. As a client it is mandatory that you be informed of the possible complications and sign a surgical consent. These risks include: anesthetic death, severe injury during induction or recovery from anesthesia, post castration swelling, post castration infection, excessive post castration bleeding, and post castration herniation or evisceration. Of these, post castration swelling and or infection are the most commonly encountered.


    consent to have the horse,

    surgically castrated, on this date:

    Owner's email:

    I have been informed of the potential complications and have elected to have this surgery performed. I also realize that I am financially responsible for any and all services rendered in order to treat my horse if any of these conditions should arise following his surgical castration.

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